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Hampton Shotokan

Karate and Health

Karate has been well known for improving your physical fitness in terms of balance, strength, flexibility and ability to coordinate your movement beyond the demands of everyday life. It's an activity that requires no special fitness levels to start you off and builds your fitness gradually for the long term. Many karate practitioners are able to continue to be involved in this activity long into their 60's, 70's and 80's long after the average footballer or rugby player has given up through injury or past their peak performance.

The effort required during a karate class activates your heart, lungs and muscles to increase your speed, strength and stamina and has the added benefit of helping with weight loss. In addition to the physical health benefits karate also helps maintain your mental health. Karate classes give you the opportunity to destress from a busy life at home or work. Time to relax, refocus and rebalance your mind and body. Many karate students comment on how they feel more relaxed and able to be more focussed and confident in their everyday lives. Through karate you are able to get out, meet people, make new friends and explore the wider world of martial arts culture and philosophy.

In addition, karate also has the benefit of being an activity you can do at home on your own, with a like-minded partner or within the company of others in a formal class. Apart from a uniform no other equipment is needed to practice karate. At Hampton Shotokan we encourage students to practice at home various exercises or techniques to keep themselves sharp.

So, if this sounds of interest to you and you would like to see and try it for yourself, please come along to our classes and experience what it can do for you.