Welcome Back!

We have now resumed our Wednesday and Monday evening classes. However, please avoid lessons if you are feeling unwell, take sensible stay safe precautions such as hand washing pre and post lessons and use the hand gels provided.  We have resumed our training using focus pads and two person partner drills. You are free to use a mask during these activities if you wish to do so. Focus pads and kick shields will continue to be cleaned between use.

About us

Hampton Shotokan karate is a small friendly martial arts club based in the Hampton area of Peterborough. We train Every Wednesday evening and accept members from the age of 11 years and upwards. Beginners and experienced students are always welcome.

We teach traditional shotokan karate for fitness and self defence. Through karate you will gain improved balance, coordination, fitness, flexibility, self-discipline, self confidence and the ability to defend yourself. 

It does not matter what size or shape you are, young or old, fit or need to get fit. Just come along and see what karate can do for you.

Our chief instructor Alan (4th Dan) is  passionate about delivering high quality karate instruction and trains regularly with senior instructors from other associations to continue to gain knowledge, skills and experience. Alan has a valid DBS check, sport first aid certificate and a martial arts instructor qualification. Our training methods include a mixture of basic techniques, the use of focus pads and kick shields and two person partner drills at both long and grappling ranges.

To find out more check out the classes tab on the left or if you want to register your interest in joining us let us know through the feedback tab on the left.

Following the recent world events we cannot accept spectators at our venue. All new students must use the feedback tab to register their interest.

Students from our club attending a seminar at another club.









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