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Hampton Shotokan


How do I start?

From the 12th of April 2024 we are open to new members. To express an interest please let me know by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab on the menu.

I'm a beginner - What should I wear?

Just turn up in loose fitting, comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Track suit bottoms and a T shirt would be the best option.

After a couple of weeks when you have decided to stay with us you will need to buy a karate gi. You can obtain your gi by buying direct from a martial arts supplies website. I have recommended one in the links section. 

Who can join?

Our classes are suitable for any person over the age of 16 years and living within the Peterborough area. We cater for members in their late teens right up to their 70's. We have ladies and gents training with us.

If you are interested in Traditional Shotokan Karate and practical self defence then come along and give our classes a try.

What Costs are Involved?

Lesson prices are £5 per session and you can pay as you train when first starting your journey with us.

For insurance purposes their is a yearly £10 fee. This is payable when you first join us.

Grading fees are £5 for the training session plus £5 for a new belt.

A discount applies to those who pay monthly in advance via standing order and their will be no yearly insurance or grading fees to pay. The more you train the bigger the discount.

Monthly fees for payments by standing order.

Once per week £20. Due on the first of the month.

Twice per week £30. Due on the first of the month.

Three per week £40. Due on the first of the month.

I only charge what we need to cover club running costs. I do not charge for my time or expertise. We are a community based and not for profit club.

Where are gradings held?

All gradings take place within our normal venue and during a normal club night. No need to travel long distances to grade or be in front of a panel of relative strangers.

Grades are awarded based on your attitude, knowledge and skills in performing to the desired standard for each grading. 

Continuous assessment is used to award rank within in our club. Rather than perform on one single session, you are judged over several sessions to ensure you are being consistant and not fall down and lose money on a single grading session.

How often are gradings?

It's common for gradings to take place every three months. As we are a small independent club we hold them as and when you are ready to do so. Ranks and belts are awarded based on your achievements and ability to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of the syllabus for your grade.

Will I have to enter competitions?

No we are not a competition club. We are focused on our own personal fitness journey and an ability to defend ourselves from attackers.


How to find out more about karate

Karate can be a massive subject to learn. There are many styles and organisations in the UK and worldwide.

You can begin your research using good old Wikipedia.

Try searching:

Karate.   Shotokan Karate.   Gichin Funakoshi.   The dojo Kun.   The Niju Kun.

Youtube will provide many examples of karate techniques, kata and kumite. But, please use caution as not all video posts are of the same standard! In the karate kata and links section of our website I have posted links to some good material.