How do I start?

All you need to do to start is just turn up five minutes before the start of a lesson and speak to the instructor. If you wish to you can let me know in advance by clicking on the feedback tab on the left.

I'm a beginner -  What should I wear?

Just turn up in loose fitting, comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Track suit bottoms and a T shirt would be the best option.

After a couple of weeks when you have decided to stay with us you will need to buy a karate gi.You can obtain your gi through the club instructor or buy direct from a martial art supplies website. I have recommended one in the links section.

Who can join?

Our classes are suitable for any person over the age of 11 years and living within the Peterborough area. We cater for members in their teens right up to their 60's. If you are interested in Traditional Shotokan Karate and practical self defence then come along and give our classes a try.








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