Karate and Coronavirus

by Alan Pope - 11:37 on 18 May 2020

During the current lockdown due to Coronavirus, our club like so many others around the UK and the world have had to close our doors to training sessions at our normal venue. Thanks to modern technology we have been able to adapt to and overcome this situation and have been able to offer online lessons to our existing students via Zoom Meetings. These have proven to be very popular and well attended. Offering something that maintains our sense of community and also maintaining part of our normal routines that are so important for our physical and mental health.

As a martial art and form of physical excercise karate has given us a great method of providing structure to our personal training routines. Through our warm up and stretching routines and by the practice of techniques from within the kata we we have been able to maintain our focus and skills within the martial arts. Although we cannot perform two person sparring drills at this time of social distancing we have been able to use visualisation to understand and rehearse the practicality of our techniques against an opponent. The spare time we have been given from work has also allowed us to use our time to explore history, culture and philosophy of karate and research kata performance and practical applications of karate demonstrated in the online karate community.

Although this has helped maintain our training I look forward to getting back to the dojo and hope you will join me there too.

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